A Great Day

A Great Day

It was a great day

for hundreds of citizens of a coastal village, for a new ship was about to be launched. Constructed with great care by men who enjoyed their work, the ship was designed to sail the seas of the world, delivering and returning rich cargoes. It was not a large ship, but was solid, trim, practical.

At noon on the great day, town officials led the citizens on a happy march to the freshly painted ship. The mayo gave a short speech, then raised his hand as a signal for the ship to slide into the sea. The crowd watched eagerly for the first sign of movement – which failed to come. Once more the mayor signaled for the launching, but again the ship remained in place.

Some workmen investigated. They found that some of the holding blocks had not been removed. But when taken away, the ship slid down with a splash, to begin its new life in its world adventures.

How to Remove Mental Blocks

A new life in its natural element – that is our destination. So we must locate and remove those blocks which prevent our launching. What are some of these blocks?

  1. Timidity toward the new and the unknown.
  2. Lack of self-knowledge.
  3. Failure to use suffering for self-awakening.
  4. Unawareness of the depth of one’s actual confusion.
  5. Remaining floored by discouragement.
  6. The false assumption that one already knows the answers.
  7. Preferring temporary thrills to eternal values.
  8. Finding false security in popular illusions.
  9. Fear of what others may think of one’s wish for self-change.
  10. Lack of persistence in breaking out.

We can summarize blockages by saying they are always caused by misunderstandings. A person simply does not see what it is possible for him to see. With a new knowledge, the barriers fall away of themselves, opening him to the vastness of psychic seas.

Study the next two paragraphs for new knowledge regarding human relations:

Never forget that a person is as kindly or unkindly to others as he/she is to themselves. This is unbreakable psychic law. Suppose you see a man who likes to put pressure on others. It is an extension of the same pressure he has first put on himself by misunderstanding life. So what would you tell someone who complains about the constant pressure he feels? Ask him, “I anyone causing you to suffer at this very moment – or are you suffering because of the way your mind is operating at this very moment?”

Success against the pressures of organized society can be won only by whoever has first achieved psychic self-organization. This success comes not by angrily battling against the various pressures, but by seeing through self – pressures which create the illusion that the pressures are outside. The victorious man formerly had a compulsion to take sides with one pressure group against another pressure group, but now sees his error. He now knows that the mind which takes sides can never know truth and liberty, for these virtues reside above the taking of sides.

James P. commented, “I seem to have blockages in my work and my career. I need to understand th connection between earning my living and the inner adventure. Say something about these two areas.”REPLY: “Earn your living in any normal way and forget about it. Place no value on what society calls success, which is nothing but exhausting attempts at self – proving. Give importance only to what you are doing with yourself as a human being here on space-ship-earth. But use your employment for attaining higher awareness. For example, observe the chaos around you and determine that you are not going to be one of those self – wrecking human beings.”

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