Above Both Sides

Above Both Sides

Above Both Sides;

There was once a community of people who lived on one side of a river. They called themselves the Good People, while referring to the residents on the other side of the river as the Bad People. But these residents of the other side called themselves the Nice People, while labelling the others as the Evil People.

Above Both Sides
Above Both Sides

One day an outsider travelled up the river. Because he was lonely, he wanted to find a secure home for himself. When asking the self-called Good People about it, they urged him to join their community, while warning against the treachery of the Bad People. But when crossing the river, the outsider heard the self-called Nice People praise their own way of life, while condemning the residents of the opposite riverbank.

All this caused the outsider great distress, for he wanted desperately to find safety and security among friends, but did

not know which side to choose. And something else was going on within him. A small voice advised him not to join either side.

He had observed – with both disappointment and shock – that both people were exactly the same – childish, hostile, and scared.

The longer he delayed his choice, the greater grew his anxiety. But at a certain point, a curious thing happened.

The energy aroused by his bewilderment suddenly became creative. He wondered whether might be a place of residence above both communities. So exploring upstream, first on one bank and then on the other, he arrived at a beautiful expanse of land. It was situated high above both sides of the river. The outsider was pleased to find that at this peaceful region he built a home which he called “Above Both Sides”. Whenever anyone asked why he had created this unusual name, he told them why.

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