Important Project

Important Project

Impact space-ship earth;
With Heavens culture


A group of scientists

were working on an important project which promised to improve human health. However, their country was at war, which made their work more difficult. One evening, while conducting some vital experiments, the lights began to flicker off and on, and the equipment faltered. Checking the dozens of switches and connections, they found nothing wrong, which left them in confusion. The electricity failed several more times during the following days, but they could not locate the source of the problem.


Finally, special guards investigated the entire building, inside and out. They returned to the scientists with the report. “There is nothing at all wrong with the building or the equipment. It was all a trick by enemy agents (THE DEVIL). Causing control to the incoming power lines just long enough to cause delay and confusion. But it will not happen again. I have placed guards at the right places.”


Examine these Profound Principles
The points of this story are very powerful. Life’s problems are caused by a trick which we fail to see as a trick.

Above the Others
Above the Other Side

Being unaware of the actual cause of our grief — our own psychic hypnosis — we stumble round in the dark, never realizing how different everything could be.


Here is a clue for exposing the trick: when investigation revealed the nature of the trick played upon the scientists, what happened to their problems? It vanished


Blue skies appear to whoever finally sees how he/she is making a problem where none really exists. He/She is hurt when their business enterprise fails? Its success could have added absolutely nothing to his true nature, which is already complete. He/She is tense because something threatens to disturb his secure ways? His/Her security was never in those ways in the first place, so the problem itself is false. These ideas are for vigorous minds to ponder.

Guide your day with these truths

  1. Living in cosmic consciousness solves all problems.
  2. Both the problem and the solution are within ourselves.
  3. Collect problem-dissolving facts and reflect upon them.
  4. As our psychic level rises, our difficulties vanish.
  5. Connect cosmic principles with your daily experiences.
  6. Enemies are abolished immediately with these truths.
  7. By valuing  true riches we attract those riches.
  8. Natural wisdom handles all challenges perfectly.
  9. You are learning how to become your best friend.
  10. Self-awakening is the supreme adventure in life.


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