Make Your Problems Disappear Forever

Make Your Problems Disappear Forever

Do you want to make your Problems disappear forever?

AT ONE TIME In a California city a site for a new office building was being prepared. Sprawled over the construction area were tall stacks of steel, cement and other building materials. Growling trucks and tractors passed each other in their hauling and pushing. Crews of workmen busied themselves with their various projects on the grounds, while foremen shouted commands. The noisy activities continued over the days.

But a careful observer would have noticed something wrong. While the activities went on with persistent zeal, the building itself did not rise one foot into the air. In spite of all the movements and changes and commands, the proposed building did not turn into a building at all.

Those who wondered at the activity-without-construction finally heard the answer. A set of plans essential to the upward construction had been lost. When located, the building began to rise.

You are in a Good Position
This story illustrates man’s illusory way: he engages in social activities having no real constructiveness. i.e.(facebook, gossip, backbiting) But he/she never realizes this because he mistakes mechanical activity for creativity. From this fundamental error comes all his/her problems.

The person who sees this for themselves has reason to rejoice. He can now replace mechanical movement with  conscious creativity. Upon this firm foundation he/she will rise to self newness.

Anyone can locate the missing plans which guide his upward construction. He  will then surely rise above his problems – the problems which still haunt the busy but unknowing persons on the ground level.

The Following Paragraphs will Contribute to Your Construction.

Vernon  S.  came to tell of problems in his home. The marriage had started out nicely enough, but had turned into a series of quarrels and hurt feelings. He said he had tried to change his wife, but nothing changed. Vernon commented,  “you say we cannot solve a problem because we do not see the problem. How does this apply to my situation?


“If you have a difficulty with another person, what good does it do to try to change the other person?  You have the problem. and you must change.” Vernon wisely said he would concentrate on that idea for the next few days.


If we place a difficulty outside of ourselves we will also place its solution outside of ourselves, which creates an absurd and unsolvable situation. Many people claim to see this as a fact, but if difficulties continue, deeper insight is needed. So you are working on yourself correctly when sighting inner inner conflicts you never saw before. Your daily ways begin to feel strange, like old clothes which no longer fit. This strange feeling is an essential first step out of the shaky dream-wrld to the new reality which does not wobble.

State your problem clearly and frankly to yourself. In simple language, lay it out before your mental eyes. Say, “I am terrified at the madness of human society” or, “I am depressed over my inability to uplift myself.” Do not tell others, but tell yourself about your problem.

Do not try to do anything with the problem, but simply become deeply conscious of it. A conscious man or woman knows exactly what to do with every problem.

“What is the right thing to do?”  remains an unanswered question with most people. It s no problem at all to the man or woman whose diligence has awakened his or her psychic nature. Such a person knows what is right every second, and  knows it without a strained thought: anything done or left undone which does not cause inner contradiction is right.

Al problems are merely contradictions. All contradictions are caused by the wrong thinking of the conditioned mind which splits everything into opposites – the opposites of friend and enemy, you and I, yesterday and tomorrow, and so on. When self knowledge dissolves this opposite-thinking, this contradictory thinking, all problems disappear. You then see that the problem was not a treacherous friend or a denied desire or a stubborn habit, but only wrong thinking itself.

Above the waves
Above the waves

If we say “There is a vastness to life which is unseen at present”, we are stating a fact. It may not be our experience as yet, but it is still a fact which nothing can destroy. So we are in a good position. From this position we can begin to see life in a different way, the way of non-division, of wholeness. We can begin seeing the entire ocean instead of individual waves. What are some of these waves? Obsessive ambition. Finding false comfort in crowds. Demanding respect. Pretending to know. Individual waves cannot support a ship. But the smooth and entire ocean easily does so.  MORE

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