Mexican, American Border

Tombstones at the Mexican and American border
Tombstones at the Mexican & American border

OH LORD! I can see standing in the distance
A great monument to donald the little president
At the Mexican, American Border, TOMBSTONES!

Thank you Lord for letting me see,
How Ex President Barack Obama drop the mike,
on trump’s ass, leaving lasting lashes.

I thank you Lord for letting me see, how a
great seat can hold trumps Ass.
Bit in his mouth from Obama’s sass!

Men Also Get Abused By Women
Men Also Get Abused By Women

Sad, Sad, little president trump,
Outside playing with people lunch.
Strutting and leading the loss bunch.

If I could insist, in death let them all
be buried in Pablo Escobar shit. at trumps
wall, oops I mean Mexico, American border.

Oh people, we must not murmur, Clearly I see.
In the Bible, G-d harden the heart of Pharaoh
and in the end, little trump bends, took a dump in sin.



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