Out of Captivity

Out of Captivity

Out of Captivity

In an ancient time a group of friends lived in a certain area of a peaceful country. They went about their daily tasks with simplicity and contentment. But without warning their country was invaded by a militaristic nation. The friends were carried away and scattered throughout the hostile nation to serve as slaves.

The separated friends realized that a united effort was their only chance for escape, so they sought out each other. Quietly roaming around during free times, they kept their eyes open and asked questions. As friend searched for friend, some mistakes were made, and sometimes the task seemed impossible. But their passion for freedom drove them on until all the friends found each other. Combining their knowledge of the strange land, they agreed upon an escape plan. When acting upon the secret plan  they followed a trail out of captivity that led to success for them. (The secret plan starts below).

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Matt. 5:14-Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid

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