Problems Disappear Part 2

Problems Disappear Part 2

The Laws of Psychic Levels

Problems disappear for ever

Psychic skills are gained by those who seek until they find. The knowledge necessary for self-elevation is available to all who want it. For example, every man/woman occupies a particular level of psychological understanding or misunderstand. A thousand questions a man asks about his life would be answered by his insight into the laws about psychic levels. Also, he/she would know how to attract only beneficial people and events. Knowledge of the following principles will draw these benefits to you:

  1. A man/woman’s psychic level, high or low, determines the kind of life he leads, for either happiness or frustration.
  2. Every man/woman unconsciously chooses his /her own level, which means a wise man/woman will try to see his own responsibility for the kind of life he/she experiences.
  3. An individual automatically seeks out others on his own level, for like attracts like.
  4. All attempts by a man/woman to behave on a higher level of goodness or intelligence or relaxation than that supplied by his present level will fail, producing self-contradiction and depression.
  5. The sure way to stop getting hurt and exploited by others is to put distance between your plane and theirs.
  6. A man/woman never believes that he/she occupies a certain low level of misunderstanding until he rises above it and sees the difference for him/herself, which is why it is difficult to talk to people about their need for transcending themselves to a higher level.
  7. Knowledge aloe does not raise a person’s level but when knowledge combines with the surrender of psychic  stubbornness, inner uplifting is certain.
  8. Anyone who is weary enough of his present level can start to raise himself by using esoteric techniques.

We must not take a cosmic principle (answered prayer from G-d) as some outside authority which seeks to impose its will on you. An unclear mind may make this mistake, even thinking that the principle threatens its happiness. What happiness?


There is no longer a you and no cosmic principle which seeks to impose itself upon you, for at the moment you landed on this site, you are becoming the principle itself. As this is realized by your soul, your own light starts to shine through. You meet yourself!

People are puzzled when told they must not merely think about the truth but must actually become the truth. Mental clarity will come as they realize that G-d, Truth, Reality, is the only power, that nothing is apart from Reality. Since we are not separate from Reality, there is not Reality and us; there is only one item and we are included in that oneness. In this state of non-division a man/woman possesses the truth, but the truth also possesses the man. This kind of man/woman has found everlasting love, and is fearless.

Rachel V. said she was fascinated by these ideas but admitted she was not sure what it meant to work with them? She became clear as she heard, “To work with higher ideas means to connect them with your daily experiences.” For instance, where has your attention been for the last twenty-four hours? On how badly people treat you, or on observing the ways of your own mind? On a frantic attempt to feel secure and loved, or on this program for shattering harmful responses to daily challenges? On listening to the noise of an ailing world, or on ways to live from your new purified self?

Since positive awareness and negative thought cannot occupy the same space in your mind, you can make room for whichever one you prefer. MORE

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