Problems Disappear Part 3

Problems Disappear Part 3

The Reason Things Happen As They Do

One teacher of higher truth was famous for his short and pointed answers to questions from his students. During one teaching session a student commented, “We wish to know why our lives unfold the way they do. Why do we experience our happinesses and sorrows, our success and failures?”

Replied their teacher. “For the next seven days, observe what happens to you as a result of what you do.”

Seven days later the students reported what happened to them as a result of their own actions:

  • When my mind wandered I dropped a dish.
  • I acted impulsively and two hours later regretted it.
  • My thoughts about myself made me nervous.
  • I spoke gently to an angry man and he replied gently.

When asked for more of an explanation for the assignment, the teacher supplied one of his short but meaningful answers: “Don’t you see? Observe how you unknowingly create your present world, for now you will be able to knowingly create a new world.”

Let YOUR Understanding Banish Self-concern

How simple the lesson really is:

  1. Each person makes his/her inner day whatever it is.
  2. Each person can create a new inner day for themselves. When a person looks into a mirror he/she sees themselves. It would be absurd for him/her to believe that the eyes and ears and hair are part of the mirror. But a man/woman looks out at the world and thinks it is different from his own projections about it. If this is understood at the very start – that we see ourselves in whatever we see – the process of self-awakening begins.

Sonny T. possessed an intense interest which widen his view very swiftly. It all started when he asked his first question in class: “What am I doing wrong when I feel menaced by people and events?” REPLY: You still think the enemy is outside. It is not. A tornado tears up a town because it is inside that town, not outside it.”


It takes a lot of courage to give up having enemies.
Does that sound like a strange thing to say? Listen. unawakened people demand enemies, for enemies provide a fierce agitation, an emotional kick, which they tragically think is life, but in truth is misery! As we dare to give up enemies we enter a free zone. Experience it to the fullest! And eventually emerge on the other side to a true victory! Even if you do tear up, in your mind replay your steps and pick up parts of yourself you realize lying along the way.

Everyone has areas calling for special consideration. Some must reflect upon their inability to be friends with themselves, while others must consider how often their emotional floods carry away their cosmic logic. But everyone should concentrate with maximum force upon this area: think about what it means to have been in a state of psychic hypnosis. (The Past).
The hypnotic belief that man can escape the jungle through mechanical thinking is all a hoax. It is such an American hoax that few see through it. There is a thick wall in man/woman’s mind which overwhelms him/herself from seeing it even when he suffers terribly from his own participation. But you can see through it with G-d’s help. You can escape the jungle. You can do it now, stay with it.

When a huge and dangerous iceberg is spotted in the Atlantic Ocean, it is carefully charted and followed by patrol boats. When the iceberg eventually drifts into warmer waters, it disappears, leaving the patrol with no further work to do.

This is how

our inner work leads to a healthy lack of concern for ourselves. By carefully following a worry or a disappointment, we see it drift into the warm waters of our expanded understanding, where it disappears. MORE

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