Reward for outstanding Services

Reward for outstanding Services


In reward for outstanding services

a country gave a scientist a beautiful and spacious mansion. But it was a rule in this country that every man had to earn even his own reward, so the scientist was told, Your mansion contains fifty rooms. The door to each room has its own special lock, which you must solve. When you gain entrance to a room, study its contents carefully, then return to the city where a judge will hear your description of what you saw. When the judge sees that you are well acquainted with one room, you may go on to the next room. When you have knowledge of the entire mansion, it become yours to own.”


Accepting the challenge, the scientist poured all his skill into the task of unlocking one room at a time and becoming aware of its content. By this patient work he learned all about the entire mansion, which was then turned over to him.

Twenty thoughts for Self-Wholeness

Like that scientist, we must proceed as if much reward depends upon our diligence — for it really does. As psychic discoverers we can approach each new thought with an intention to make it contribute to our wellness, to make it mean something in everyday life. We want it to make us conscious and calm when others are confused and panicky, to keep us in health when society insists upon injuring itself. You will achieve these two aims, plus many others, by taking a deep interest in the following:

  1. The New Life exists as a fact, whether we feel its existence or not, so if we remain faithful to the fact, we will finally feel it.
  2. When full understanding comes to a man, such things as betrayal and disgrace and failure do not exist to him.
  3. In one way or another, everyone you meet tries to make you the same as he is, so observe carefully the kind of life he leads.
  4. We pass beyond loneliness by understanding it, after which we no longer trade our integrity for social trinkets, which means the end of troublesome involvements.
  5. When first daring to drop a wrong idea we anxiously feel as if we are losing part of ourselves, when, in fact, we are losing an imposter  who kept us afraid.
  6. If we think we understand ourselves, but do not, we will also think we understand others, but will not, which is why human relations are so disastrous.
  7. When living correctly with yourself you will know exactly how to live in right relationship with others.
  8. The path calls for sternness, not the sternness found in fear and anger, but the kind which refuses compromise because it knows at last the direction of the Treasure.
  9. There is a great difference between the charm of mere surface personality and the charm of living from Truth.
  10. Notice how people and events now drain you of energy, then notice how something in you objects to it,  then use these principles to keep your own energy for yourself, which is not selfishness.
  11. It is a magic moment when these truths are reflected upon not from a sense of duty but from a feeling of affection.
  12. People always assume that freedom consists in getting something desirable from the exterior world, when in fact it consists exclusively of getting rid of something undesirable in the interior world.
  13. We can be sure of many things regarding self-exploration, and none is more sure than its contribution to human sanity.
  14. Instead of anxiously craving rewards, let cosmic principles change your idea of what it means to be rewarded, for beyond human rewards is the True  Reward.
  15. Sentimentality is bad because it includes too much of our unseen selves, but a simple affection without self-reference is good.
  16. It is good to work with others on these ideas, but remain faithful to your inner task, never permitting a pleasant social atmosphere to take the place reserved for psychic growth.
  17. Psychic science helpfully points out that whatever is wrong with a man’s world is exactly the same thing that is wrong with the man himself.
  18. Events can destroy all of our beautiful dreams without injuring us one bit.
  19. If you know you have a confused and divided mind, that is good knowledge, not a reason for despair, for this awareness is the first necessary step to wholeness.
  20. Each time you feel you have gone as far as possible, take one more short step.

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