Rich Profits Every Day

Rich Profits Every Day

A merchant of ancient India

owned many bazaars which returned him rich profits every day. He kept his shops supplied with attractive merchandise by making large purchases at seaports and national borders. It was his great delight to search out and purchase low-priced shipments of silk and spices and perfumes.

One day, while visiting one of his bazaars, he was introduced to a man with a reputation for great wisdom. The merchant asked the wise man for advice for obtaining new riches. The wise man replied, “Journey to the mountain range north of here which overlooks the peaceful river. Remain quietly on its highest peak until you see something you never saw before.”

Speeding there on his fastest horse, the merchant waited and watched. In imagination he dreamed bout vast quantities of profitable merchandise coming his way. But at the end of three days he had seen nothing except the natural beauties of the surrounding lands. In annoyance and confusion, the merchant rode back to the wise man to say, “I obtained no riches. What went wrong?”
REPLIED the wise man, “Your Idea of Riches.”

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