What Esotericism is all about

What Esotericism is all about
What Esotericism is all about

When having no false values we have no false aims. When having no false aims we do not create the problems and sorrows which follow false aims, and false alarms

In our early explorations

we must remember that esoteric riches are entirely different from what we might imagine. If we imagine them we merely think with old notions which are incapable of discovering the new. We must take care that we do not explore with an eagerness to find merely what we would prefer to find.

When we find what is truly right, we are truly right.

Ask yourself, “What if true life is utterly and amazingly different from what I now think it is?” Next, every day consider that it might be so. It is so.


Mary S. commented, “You say that problems and conflicts have a hypnotic attraction to our minds; that we like to dwell on them. I know this is true because I find myself returning again and again to an unpleasant incident in my past. How can we break this negative habit?”


Mary was told, “It falls away of itself as you sense true values. Suppose someone hands you a jar containing dozens of pebbles with a dull appearance. You are then told that, hidden among the pebbles is a sparkling ruby. Now, where do you think your attention goes? To the ruby. You do not waste your time on pebbles.”

Individual problems arise because the sufferer does not understand what is individually wrong. Happily, there is a way to understand what is wrong. It consists of impartial self-observation. This understanding of what is wrong is exactly the same thing as knowing what is right. To see wrongness clearly, directly, deeply, is to know rightness.


Awareness that you have taken the wrong fork in the road is also awareness which direction the right road begin. Whoever studies wrongness scientifically, while neither evading nor fearing it, will be free of it. If you take the right fork in the road you cannot suffer from the wrong road.


The fact that you are now heading toward a new destination is all that counts. Difficulties and lack of results are as nothing. Anxiety over progress should not occupy your mind for one second. Thefact that you are on the right road at last is your supreme victory.


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