What You Want Also Want You

What You Want Also Want You

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IN THE EARLY days of South America there existed a primitive tribe which knew nothing about the world surrounding their campground. Frightened at the challenge of exploring unknown territory, they struggled along in their limited ways. But there arose among them a chief of unusual  courage and daring. Wishing to provide a better life for his people, the chief took some animal horns and made workable bugles from them.

Then he told his people, “We have new worlds to conquer,  so let us begin our explorations. Each morning, an hour before sunrise, a bugler will awaken us. Each day we will explore in a new direction from here. We start tomorrow morning.”

But next morning, the appointed bugler overslept, so a second bugler was appointed to awaken the first bugler. But the second bugler also overslept, so a third bugler was instructed to awaken the second bugler who would then awaken the first bugler. But the third bugler also failed to awaken in time.

Wishing to turn a human weakness into strength, the chief called his people together once more. “Great wonders await whoever takes a new responsibility for himself,” the chief announced. So from now on, each person will awaken himself. There are ways to do this, which I will show to you. So that you can find something entirely different from the limited region you  now inhabit, awaken yourselves every morning.   And remember, the exploration itself is energizing.”

Eight Signs of Self-Elevation
Expand your inner world by exploring the following paragraphs.

When  you are hungry you do not stand around and let others tell you about how food taste. You don’t need their descriptions of bread and fruit; you need the food itself. If we are still spiritually hungry, it is time to refuse mere descriptions of reality in favor of reality itself. Remember, self-transformation begins the very moment we are tired of being what we are, followed by the changing of our energies towards self knowledge, not towards battling against so-called exterior enemies. (In-laws and Out-laws)

How can a person stand up for himself in the true meaning of that phrase?

By understanding that he does not consist of his acquired sense of self. This must be understood at the start, otherwise everything else he does will be futile and frustrating. A  man/woman must see that his basic self is not made up of his memories, his self-pictures, and his labels by which he/she feels themselves to be a separate person who must compete with other people. Strangely, we stand up for ourselves by losing what we have called ourselves.

Remarked Samual R., “I see the need for dropping my wrong ideas about myself, but I feel nervous about doing so.”
Reply: “Is it frightening to see that you do not exist in the way you assume you do? Of course not. There is not the slightest fright in not being what our illusions insist we are. Try not being the person you believe you are, and see what exists on the other side. There is no fear on the other side.”

You need not fear to know who you are. A lack of labels or identities does not cause fear. It is just the reverse—labels cause fear. Every new label is a new shudder, for it must now be anxiously protected against all that seems to oppose it,  all that bears a different label.  Since labels are suppressed below the level of awareness, we deny their existence. Except when you join an Army!

Perhaps you have noticed the prominent position in this article of words such as “dissolve” and “disappear”. These words help to convey a major principle of self-transformation.  Our first task is not to make anything appear, but to make something disappear.  Through conscious work we want to make misleading imaginations and attitudes vanish. Disappearance must come before appearance. Disappearance makes possible the appearance.  Let your old coat disappear from your back and you are ready for a new one. Continue to study with this in mind…

When does something become important to you? Why, it’s when you connect it with your own benefit.  We see the importance of taking a vacation or reading a book when seeing how they can provide health or happiness or relaxation. Let yourself see the personal importance of cosmic facts of tHE KINGDOM. Your permission is all they need in order for them to provide what you need.

HERE are eight signs that one is on the right track at last:

  1. A deep wish for self-transformation.
  2. Intense self-honesty.
  3. A willingness to study one’s actual state.
  4. Increasing awareness of something wrong within.
  5. Distaste for the old and mechanical ways of living.
  6. Rejection of false advice and shallow codes.
  7. Increasing ability to stand alone.
  8. A sensing of a totally new way to live below.

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